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Is It Time to Ditch On-Premise Data Centers? 

April 13, 2018
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Change is ever evolving when it comes to the data center industry. 2018 is set to be a big year that can bring more data from more sources. Not only are third party data centers more affordable, they are also much more convenient than owning your own hardware and are susceptible to the evolution of IT infrastructures. For this blog, we will focus on this common trend and why people have relied more on third party colocation data centers.

Your Data is Available When You Need It

When it comes to colocation data centers, availability is one major advantage. When it comes your data, it is important to have access to it at all times. If you experience downtime to your on-premise server, it is up to you to assess the situation and fix it. The time alone could cost your business revenue and customer reputation. Colocation services assure that your data is available at all times with the assistance of precautionary services in the event of power outages or other events.

Security and Disaster Recovery

In the event of a natural disaster, your business can be left in complete disarray. Disasters such as floods, fires, or any of that matter can cost a significant amount of revenue and put a strain on your business’ customer loyalty and reputation. That is why having a disaster recovery plan in place is always important. Data centers protect your precious data from such scenarios with these plans available to you. Security is also another very important factor when it come to your servers. Luckily, data centers have a number of security perimeters to protect you. This includes:

  • 24/7 video surveillance
  • Alarm systems
  • Key card access systems to the data center
  • Locks for each and every one of the cabinets

Cost of Operations and Support

Setting up and maintaining your own data center operation can be very expensive. Because services and costs are shared between all customers within the data center, options are much more affordable then operating and maintaining your own servers in-house. When it comes to maintenance to data center colocation servers, there isn’t a need to send your own technicians to the server’s exact location. Most server providers also include automated services, such as customer portal. This tool give you the power to control your server remotely. With on-premise technicians or the availability of remote hands service, maintenance and support tasks are easily accommodated without you having to walk out the door.

Get in Touch with ColoCrossing to Learn Why Colocation is the Right Option for You!

Owning your own hardware can be very expensive and only makes sense if you plan on using that same hardware for an extensive period of time. Colocation services not only provide the convenience and support to give you a 100% uptime server, but also the cost is more fixed on a monthly basis.

At ColoCrossing, our data centers are secured and supported by our 247/7/365 tech support team, assuring you’ll always experience 100% uptime. To Get More Info about our colocation services, Get More Info: or email us at


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