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Protect Your Digital Assets

Downtime costs any organization money, but few organizations understand this quite like those in the Financial Industry. Ensure that your FinTech company is protected from such a scenario by partnering with ColoCrossing.

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Critical Financial Technology

Capital Market Datacenters

Our New York and Chicago Datacenters are positioned to provide ultra-low latency to financial markets and the network is perfect for traders who desire the best access to their platforms.

Electronic Payments

Securing your electronic payment data is of paramount importance, now more than ever. Let our data security experts build and maintain a secure infrastructure to protect such valuable data.


Automate the process of transferring mission-critical data to your insurance companies. This is just another way we can free you up to focus on the things you do best.

Desktops As A Service

Need to access your desktop machine on the go? We can enable you to do that with a secure connection, allowing you to access important files without having to risk a breach in security.

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Single server, half cabinet, full cabinet, and cage space colocation

Managed Services

Managed hosting, disaster recovery, datacenter migration, DDoS mitigation, and much more


Catering network solutions for web/VPS hosting, government, healthcare, eCommerce, and much more

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