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Understanding government regulations on datacenter security and practices can be a full-time job. We're here to help you understand and keep up to date on regulations, as well as provide best-in-class datacenter services and solutions for your government organization.


Critical Government Technology

Secure Interconnected Datacenters

Covered by the ColoCrossing 100% Uptime Guarantee SLA, we provide physical and logical isolation between the web server(s), application server(s) and database server(s).

Security / Compliance

A dedicated firewall security appliance which will provide a secure, access restricted environment. Additionally, we've created full service network solutions which meet and exceed all HITECH Act, HIPAA and PCI-DSS regulations.

Disaster Recovery

ColoCrossing can help you to maintain the operation of mission-critical information systems and networks, due to our ability to use, apply and tap into mirrored network configurations in multiple, independent, geographically diverse locations.

Data Duplication

Geographically diverse dedicated backups hosted behind a secure, firewalled, environment at multiple ColoCrossing datacenters ensures that your organization will never lose access to it's mission-critical data.

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