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Dedicated Server Hosting vs. Colocation – Which One Works for Me? 

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The differences between dedicated server hosting and colocation hosting rely on what the users exact needs are in regards to speed and power, as well as how much will be spent on hosting. Below we will go over the fundamentals of each type of server and what their exact differences are.

Colocation Hosting

Colocation, is the process in which a server or multiple servers are housed in a data center. If one chooses to host with colocation, they would own the hardware used to host. This gives the user the advantage of what kind of hardware and is software is used within the server. There are also several other advantages to taking this route that includes:

  • Higher bandwidth and speeds
  • Freedom to install any type of hardware and software
  • Full control of users within the system
  • Control over the files that are within the user’s system

While, the list goes on in regards to advantages, there are also disadvantages to take account when looking in to colocation hosting. Colocation servers can tend to be more expensive than dedicated servers, most of which comes from the purchasing of the equipment. There is also a need to travel to where your colocation servers are located to perform maintenance to it or be charged by the data center provider to provide such services.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated server hosting have slightly different accommodations than colocation hosting. One of which is that you do not own the hardware that comes with the server. Dedicated servers are leased out and are housed by the data center provider. That means you can leave installation, maintenance, and support to the provider. The advantage to this is a more fixed month to month expense. Hosting a dedicated server means you are the only one that will have access, meaning you’ll never have to worry about a crash or slowed speeds from other sites. You’ll also have your own, unique IP address. If you ever run in to situation where you need more memory or power, this can be easily accommodated by a data center provider instead of having to go out and purchase the equipment on your own.

Although there is a convenience factor to consider when choosing dedicated server hosting, it does come at a higher monthly cost. Another important factor to consider is that you need to choose a reliable data center tech support staff to run and maintain your server.

Let ColoCrossing Assist You with All Your Server Needs!

Colocation and dedicated servers both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Which one you decide to go with will be based on your exact need and how conscientious you are of your budget. At ColoCrossing we are dedicated to providing affordable and dependable colocation and dedicated server hosting.

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