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The Importance of Physical Proximity in Selecting a Data Center 

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If you have a satellite office in Buffalo, why in the world would you colocate your bare metal servers for that office anywhere other than Buffalo?

Physical proximity to your data center workloads is a big deal for some organizations. In case an organization needs rapid access to their rack, they can easily gain access to the facility after being thoroughly vetted by security.

This type of setup provides obvious advantages for most organizations. For example, if your office is limited on space and you do not have the extra room to build out a private, on-site data center, it may make sense to host workloads in a data center near you.

Finding the Data Center That’s Right For You

Think about the process a consumer uses to select a banking institution. If the bank is well known, has a good reputation and possesses branches in places that are convenient for the consumer, that bank will likely earn that consumers business.

Data centers operate on roughly the same model. Colocation providers that have a nationwide footprint in the USA can provide your business with the technology and facilities it needs in order to expand into new markets.

ColoCrossing can provide businesses with data centers in over 8 different markets in the USA. Did you know ColoCrossing can provide a home for your infrastructure in these cities:

  • Buffalo, NY
  • New York City, NY
  • Dallas, TX
  • San Jose, CA
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Seattle, WA
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Chicago, IL

With so many regions covered by one company, ColoCrossing is one of the leading colocation hosting providers that has a facility available near your business.

digital data flow through optical wire Low Latency and Low Ping Times

When your data has to travel a shorter distance, it only makes sense that your business will experience lower latency and as a result, lower ping times. Having your end users near your data makes the most sense, regardless if you are hosting a website or hosting your businesses internal IT infrastructure.

Shopping for colocated services can be tricky. When you’re buying colo for your workloads, ensure that you given an IP address to ping from the location of your office in order test the response of the network. If the ping time is unreasonably high, that may be a red flag in terms of not wanting to select that specific data center.

Alternatively, a low ping time over a network connecting your onsite infrastructure and the data center hosting your workload could indicate that the specific data center you are evaluating could be the right fit for your next data center expansion project.


Jon Biloh
Jon Biloh

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