Benefits of a Managed Hosting Provider 

March 2, 2018
managed hosting
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Managed hosting gives a business the ability to outsource management of an entire IT infrastructure to a hosting provider. This enables a company to worry less about the maintenance of an internal IT infrastructure and focus more on customer relationships and other core competencies. Below, I will go over a few reasons why managed services can be beneficial to any organization.

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Let’s Go Over Some Beneficial Factors of Managed Hosting


While, data security is a top priority, it shouldn’t take away from the big picture, which are business goals and core competencies. With managed hosting by a provider (like ColoCrossing), you’ll have access to skilled techs who will be able to provide important security aspects such as, virus scans, firewall configuration, spam filters, security audits, and much more.

Reduced Costs

The additional costs of an internal IT infrastructure can add up quite quickly. When a business has its own IT infrastructure, it’ll need to worry about maintenance costs and additional hardware. Not only does that increase your costs, but it also takes time away from focusing on other, more important aspects of the business. When you have a managed hosting provider, it eliminates those additional costs, giving you piece of mind and lets you invest more time in to customer relationships.

24/7/365 Support

When you decide to outsource your IT infrastructure to a reliable managed hosting provider, you’ll have access to 24/7/365 tech support. Whether it Is a minor issue or assistance with your setup, a trained support staff offered by a hosting provider can resolve any of those issues. Managed Hosting from ColoCrossing includes train techs on hand to resolve any issues or ask any questions, 24/7/365!


With managed hosting, you’ll experience peace of mind knowing your data is backed up. Any reliable hosting provider should have a disaster recovery plan in place to protect a business from such a situation. At ColoCrossing, we handle all your backup and disaster recovery needs. Whether it is an on-site failure, data breach, or natural disaster, ColoCrossing is prepared to take on anything that disrupts your business.

Server Monitoring

Crucial for any organization, server monitoring protects any business from vulnerabilities and irregularities to ensure that no major issues occur. Managing hosting provides constant server monitoring to guarantee you experience optimal server uptime and network availability that you and your clients need.

Choose ColoCrossing to Be Your Next Hosting Provider

Hopefully, this article has given you a better understanding on managed hosting and what it has to offer for you and your business. The benefits alone should have you reviewing your current situation and surveying any aspects of your internal infrastructure or current hosting provider.

If you are interested in ColoCrossing’s managed services or still have more questions, visit our managed services page at or email us at


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Daniel Spritzer

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