Armbian 24.5 Update: New Support for Orange Pi 5 Pro and Radxa ROCK 5 ITX Released 

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The Armbian community made an announcement to regarding the launch of Armbian 24.5, branded as Havier. It stands as the newest stable edition of the Debian/Ubuntu-centric distribution specifically designed for ARM devices.

The arrival of Armbian 24.5 comes roughly two months subsequent to Armbian 24.2. The update brings along support for an array of new devices, which include Orange Pi 5 Pro, Radxa ROCK 5 ITX, Allwinner T527 Avaota-A1, Radxa ZERO 3E, Radxa ZERO 3W, FriendlyElec CM3588, 4G Phytium Pi, Sakura Pi RK3308B, SK-AM68, TQMa8MPxL, and also the CoolPi CM5 EVB.

The latest release also enhances the support for previously backed devices that include Khadas VIM1S, Khadas VIM4, Khadas Edge 2, Radxa Rock S 0, Banana Pi BPI-M7, Radxa Zero 3, Odroid C1, Radxa ROCK 4C+, Banana Pi BPI-M4 Zero, AYN Odin 2, Orange Pi 5, Orange Pi 5 Plus, Radxa Rock 5c, ArmSoM Sige1, Rockchip Rock 5C, and the ODROID-N2+.

Besides the hardware improvements, Armbian 24.5 also extends support to the most recent Ubuntu 24.04 LTS (Noble Numbat) Operating System series. It offers support for KDE neon desktop to the Armbian Jammy images, the essential Panthor driver to the Linux 6.1 kernel, Linux kernel 6.8 on chosen images, as well as, supports EMMC and NVME/USB booting specifically to Khadas VIM1S/VIM4 boards.

It also enables vendor kernel branch on the Khadas Edge 2 board, introduces the rewrite-uboot-patches, inventory-boards, and kernel-dtb CLI commands, enables NVMe-over-TCP for rk35xx/rk3588/Rockchip64/UEFI/WSL devices, adds a new board for a virtualized environment with serial console support, enables SSDM autologin, and adds a PPA for pathed AArch64 Chromium web browser.

Armbian 24.5 is available for download for a wide range of devices from the official website. For more technical details about the changes included in this update, with links to the closed tasks, check out the release changelog. The latest version at the moment of writing is Armbian 24.5.1.


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