Add-On Services Provide Added Value for your Colocated Servers 

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While many organizations ship their servers to colocated data centers in order to remotely host their workloads, did you know that your data center could provide additional services for your organization that can help you achieve your organizations IT goals?

Add-on services will allow your organization the ability to thrive, taking burdens off of your IT staff to manage additional process that may be outside of their current bandwidth. Did you know that you can outsource data backup jobs, software patching and even DDoS mitigation services by choosing a colocation hosting provider?

Getting Value Out of Add-On Services

When you bring on IT staff, you have to manage, procure and build out for the infrastructure for your organization. When you buy add on services, you can streamline the services that your IT team provides to your organization, which will save your IT budget on staffing overhead. When your IT team can focus on service delivery and not service maintenance, your organization will be on the fast track to being able to rapidly grow and expand.

Add On Services Can Pay For Themselves

When you addon managed services to your colocated servers, your business can rest assured that your business’ critical resources are being constantly monitored. Some of the most popular add on services that colo customers buy are:

  • Managed Hosting
  • Disaster Recovery
  • DDoS Protection

And more! With add on services, you won’t have to build out and maintain critical network infrastructure since you can rely on the IT professionals on staff at ColoCrossing.

IMG_2216-X3 | Deluxe company Managed Services for Your Servers

How do you know that the best practices for your servers are being implemented on a daily basis? When you have addon managed hosting services, you can know that your server is getting the all of the critical updates.

Managed services provide businesses with service level agreements which accurately depict all of the services rendered as well as the timeframes that each of these services will be applied. Managed services give organizations peace of mind, since management is rendered by industry certified professionals.

1075-h_main-w | Deluxe company DDoS Protection

What if a hacker decides to point a botnet at your website? Would your servers be able to withstand a DDoS attack? Your data center can likely provide anti DDoS services for your server, protecting them against malicious attacks.

A DDoS mitigation service filters out all of the malicious requests to your servers, while allowing legitimate traffic to pass through unabated. Buying DDoS protection for your servers is often a solid investment if you have multiple servers facing the public internet.


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