7 Reasons to Choose Dedicated Hosting 

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When your enterprise decides to deploy a new server, can you really justify the cost of a depreciating asset that your organization will have to write off the books in 3 to 5 year

Leasing a dedicated server may make more sense when your organization is looking to rapidly deploy a server that can meet or exceed needs of your end users. Let’s take a closer look at what a dedicated server can offer an organization when they decide to extend their infrastructure using dedicated servers.

Dedicated Performance

IMG_2005 | Deluxe company The most obvious benefit to using dedicated hosting is that system administrators are able to configure services that are specific to the underlying hardware. When you compare virtual private servers to dedicated servers, many organizations will want assurance that the onboard system resources are available in all circumstances.

Rapid Deployment

When you purchase a new server, you must wait for your vendor to configure the hardware to your exact specifications. You must then wait for the server to be shipped and then you must install the server in a rack.

When you buy a dedicated server, the server may already be sitting in a rack waiting for you to use the resources once access has been provisioned. In many circumstances, dedicated servers can be configured in a matters of hours.

Perfect for Growing Websites

Those who host websites on shared web hosting providers may run into bottlenecks when end users are logging in and utilizing their services. Consequently, other websites that are over utilizing services on your shared hosting plan may be impacting your website’s performance.

When you host your website on a dedicated server, you can know for sure that your website is utilizing hardware that is 100% dedicated to the operation of your organization’s web facing properties.

Completely Customizable Infrastructure

IMG_2312 | Deluxe company Another limitation to shared hosting and VPS is the fact that there may be underlying system changes that you need to make in order to get your app to perform correctly. With shared hosting and VPS, you can be limited on certain system changes that your app may require, making dedicated hosting the logical next step for you growing enterprise.

Deploy Dedicated Servers with cPanel, Webmin and More!

In addition to being completely customizable, dedicated servers give you the ability to have operating systems pre installed on your system while simultaneously bundling popular apps such as cPanel and Webmin.

Since your dedicated server can be configured rapidly, you can begin building and migrating your websites and apps immediately after your new dedicated server has been configured for use.

Uptime Monitoring and DDoS Protection

IMG_2391 | Deluxe company If you host a critical service, dedicated servers can provide you with protection from common threats for a nominal fee. For only $10 per month, ColoCrossing provides uptime monitoring on your dedicated server which alerts you if a critical service is unreachable.

Another popular addon is DDoS protection, which can cost between $250 to $1,000 per month. If you are hosting a service that is prone to someone targeting it with a DDoS attack, the DDoS protection fee is likely a nominal fee and could be necessary if your website is frequently targeted by cyber criminals.

Dedicated Servers Save Time and Money

Piggy_on_Money1 | Deluxe company When you lease your infrastructure, your business will rest assured knowing that any problem that arrises with the underlying system architecture will be covered by helpful technicians at the data center where your server is being hosted.

Compared to buying new servers every 3 to 5 years, dedicated hosting could save your company time and money in terms of planning, deploying and hosting your own servers onsite. In fact, if your business outgrows its current requirements, many colocation providers help you perform a free basic migration to your new server, which will help you minimize any downtime that could be associated with making the move to a dedicated server.


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