Why You Should Use Dedicated Server Hosting Over Cloud Hosting 

August 17, 2018
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Cloud computing continues to grow and you probably hear about it on almost a daily basis. The possibilities cloud computing offers can reach unimaginable heights, but for small businesses, it can be difficult to leverage what it has to offer. 

Below, we will go over a few factors to consider when choosing between dedicated servers or cloud computing and why dedicated server hosting might be the right choice for you and your small business. 


When it comes to overall performance, dedicated server hosting still has its advantages. A dedicated server is a physical server that is dedicated specifically to one user – this means no shared resources. For most cloud systems, the network and storage are share among other users. This means unpredictable performance and disk I/O depending on what other users are doing. You have complete control and a server dedicated to your business.


Transparency seeks out any performance or reliability issues that might occur. Cloud computing shares resources with other users, including disk space, RAM, CPU, and the network. If one users overwhelms a local compute node, it can result in temporary outages and other performance issues that can have an effect on your operations.

Security and Vulnerabilities

Computer hardware has been subject to several vulnerability issues this year. This is something to consider because cloud computing has been affected these events. Meltdown and Spectre are just a couple of those vulnerabilities in 2018 that have caused architectural flaws. This has caused cloud firms to scramble to apply the necessary patches. Although these patches are required to protect users from these vulnerabilities, performance is dramatically affected. With a dedicated server, you have control over access of the server, reducing the risk of a possible attack.


One factor that has never been debated about the comparison between cloud computing and dedicated servers is that one is significantly more expensive than the other. Hosting for CMS programs, bandwidth, storage, and other factors that influence your performance can slowly increase your monthly or annual costs. For small businesses, when you consider your technical needs, dedicated server hosting is most logical choice when it comes to overall cost.

Choose Dedicated Server Hosting from ColoCrossing!

As a small business that requires a relatively simple configuration, dedicated servers are the logical choice. When you consider the points above, dedicated servers offer the performance and reliability you need without spending on necessary costs. 

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