ColoCrossing Acquired by Deluxe Corporation 

September 11, 2018
Deluxe company -

New & Exciting Beginnings

Deluxe Corporation as of June 4, 2018 acquired ColoCrossing in an effort to expand Deluxe’s footprint in the data center and infrastructure industry. This acquisition brings new growth and expansion opportunities to our current infrastructure. “Our acquisition of ColoCrossing provides Deluxe a great addition to our technology portfolio and brings tremendous talent to our growing IT infrastructure,” Jason Beyke, Executive Director, Business Operations of Deluxe said. “Teaming up with Deluxe and its other hosting assets seemed like a great opportunity to expand ColoCrossing service offerings and leverage those services to give us a competitive advantage in the marketplace,” Jon Biloh, President of ColoCrossing said.

Our Assurance

Since the acquisition three months ago, we have completely merged with Deluxe Corporation and are devoted to continue providing world-class IT services to our customers. “We value ColoCrossing’s processes, and success built under this incredible team and look forward to continuing along the same trajectory,” Jason Beyke said. Other than some branding updates, our customers will not notice a change to their service as ColoCrossing will continue to operate business as usual going forward. “Moving forward, ColoCrossing will only improve its process while being backed by the same great team that has got us to where we are today,” Jon Biloh said.

ColoCrossing and Deluxe are Excited to Collaborate 

ColoCrossing and Deluxe are very excited to work together and move forward to provide customers with best-in-class data center services. To Get More Info about Deluxe Corporation and this acquisition, check out this  article on


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