Parrot OS 6.1 Enhances Support for Raspberry Pi 5 with Strengthened Security Features 

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Parrot Security announced the release of Parrol OS 6.1 today, marking the newest stable update of their Debian-based distribution tailored for ethical hacking and penetration testing. This release showcases various tool updates and enhancements.

Arriving over four months after Parrot OS 6.0, Parrot OS 6.1 continues using the Linux 6.5 kernel series for its 64-bit (x86_64) generic images, and has adopted the Linux 6.6 LTS for its Raspberry Pi image. This update enhances support for the latest Raspberry Pi 5 model.

The updated Raspberry Pi version now includes new drivers that enhance compatibility with external devices, and provides proper Wi-Fi functionality for the Raspberry Pi 400 computer.

Furthermore, Anonsurf, the anonymous mode feature of Parrot, has been upgraded to version 4.2. This new version boosts stability and resolves various script issues, offering improved anonymity and a smoother user experience.}

This release reintroduces the parrot-updater utility, which notifies users about necessary system updates, fixes several errors in the Nmap network scanner utility, particularly in its MS SQL scanning Lua script, and updates BIND9 with a crucial security patch. Additionally, it includes the latest security updates for the Chromium web browser.

The update of Parrot OS 6.1 also encompasses enhancements to various hacking tools and packages including Burp Suite 2024.2.1.3, sqlmap 1.8.3, sslscan 2.1.3, zaproxy 2.14, NetExec 1.1.1, Metasploit 6.4.6, WoeUSB-ng 0.2.12, Volatility3 1.0.1, rizin 0.7.2, powershell-empire 5.9.5, instaloader 4.11, gdb-gef 2024.1, evil-winrm 3.5, Ruby 3.1, PipeWire 1.0.5, GRUB 2.12, Go 1.21, and LibreOffice 24.2. More details are available in the release notes.

Parrot OS 6.1 is presently available for download from the official website in various editions such as Security Edition, Home Edition, and Hack The Box Edition. These images are intended primarily for new installations, while existing users can update their systems through specific commands in a terminal emulator.

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