Launching of LXQt 2.0 Desktop in April: What’s New with Applications Menu and Qt 6 Port 

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The developer team for the lightweight LXQt desktop environment has shared an update on the progress towards the major release, LXQt 2.0.

One of the main changes in LXQt 2.0 will be a shift to the most recent Qt 6 open-source application framework. This update will modernize the UI/UX and give a performance lift compared to the existing Qt 5-based releases. Concurrent with this update, LXQt will discontinue support for Qt 5.

A majority of the default applications and key parts have been ported to Qt 6. This includes the session, notifications, power management, appearance, input, monitor, file associations, and locale settings, Qps, QTerminal, Screengrab, runner, LXQt Admin, LXQt sudo, and also LXQt OpenSSH Askpass.

The remainder of the components, for example, the panel, desktop, PCmanFM-Qt file manager, LXimage-Qt image viewer, PolicyKit, PavuControl, and global shortcuts will be ported to Qt 6 by April. This is when the LXQt developers aim to launch the final release of LXQt 2.0, however, no specific date has been determined yet.

Another interesting change in the upcoming LXQt 2.0 release will be a new default applications menu, called “Fancy Menu”, which will finally be on par with the default applications menus of most desktop environments, featuring an All Applications section, a Favorites section, and an improved search function.

On top of that, LXQt 2.0 promises improved support for the Wayland display protocol. Many LXQt apps and components are already working perfectly on Wayland, but with the upcoming release, the devs plan to add some missing pieces that should make LXQt run better on Wayland.

One thing that will not change with Wayland is LXQt’s philosophy of being modular in the sense that it will work with all wlroots-based Wayland compositors. For now, the devs are focusing their work around Labwc, a Wayland window-stacking compositor inspired by Openbox.

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