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IPFire Linux Firewall Introduces Experimental Btrfs Support and Intel RFDS Mitigations 

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The IPFire Project released today a new update to their hardened open-source GNU/Linux distribution that primarily performs as a router or firewall, IPFire 2.29 Core Update 186, with various changes, experimental support for the Btrfs file system, and updated components.

The IPFire 2.29 Core Update 186 release introduces an updated kernel based on Linux 6.6.30 LTS, which includes mitigations for the latest Register File Data Sampling (RFDS) vulnerability a.k.a. CVE-2023-28746 affecting Intel processors, CPU frequency scaling support for Raspberry Pi, and improved CPU graph support for processors when some virtual cores are offline.

IPFire 2.29 Core Update 186 also introduces Spamhaus EDROP support into DROP as a replacement for Alienvault, Linux Landlock support in the Suricata open-source network analysis and threat detection software to protect your IPFire Firewall installations against any unauthorized file system access from exploits, as well as experimental support for the Btrfs file system.

Other noteworthy changes in the IPFire 2.29 Core Update 186 release include a patched Unbound/DHCP Leases bridge to avoid unnecessary reloads of the Unbound DNS resolver, a quieter boot process by removing unnecessary warnings, as well as the removal of broken sslh add-on and the Icinga open-source computer system and network monitoring application as there’s no interest in it from IPFire users.


Under the hood, IPFire 2.29 Core Update 186 comes with various updated packages, including Apache2 2.4.59, BIND 9.16.49, kmod 32, libhtp 0.5.48, SQLite 3.45.3, squid 6.9, strongSwan 5.9.14, Suricata 7.0.5, Bacula 13.0.4, dnsdist 1.9.3, Lynis 3.1.1, mympd 14.1.2, Tor, and tzdata 2024a.

Check out the release announcement page for more details about the changes included in IPFire 2.29 Core Update 186, which you can download right now for x86_64 (Intel/AMD 64-bit) and AArch64 (ARM64) architectures from the official website as ISO and USB images.


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