IPFire Firewall Distributor Now Supported by Linux Kernel 6.6 LTS 

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Michael Tremer announced recently the release and general availability of IPFire 2.29 Core Update 183, a new major release for this hardened open-source Linux distro that primarily performs as a router or firewall.

IPFire 2.29 Core Update 183 comes with some major changes, including a kernel bump to the latest LTS (Long Term Support) series, namely Linux 6.6 LTS. This particular release ships with Linux kernel 6.6.15 by default providing users with top-notch hardware support for installing IPFire.

Another major change in the new IPFire release is a brand new look with refreshed colors, a new font, as well as numerous other smaller changes to the WebUI to make the Linux firewall distro easy to use for newcomers. Some usability improvements have also been implemented across the WebUI.

Patched against the recently disclosed GNU C Library (Glibc) security vulnerabilities, IPFire 2.29 Core Update 183 ships with the latest GRUB 2.12 bootloader, an updated timezone database to version 2023d, and OpenSSL 3.2.1, which enforces 2048 bits RSA keys.

There are various updated packages under the hood, these include BIND 9.16.45, cpio 2.14, Fontconfig 2.15.0, GnuTLS 3.8.2, OpenSSH 9.6p1, Iptables 1.8.10, iputils 20231222, Meson 1.3.1, kmod 31, lsof 4.99.3, p11-kit 0.25.3, QPDF 11.7.0, strongSwan 5.9.13, Sudo 1.9.15p5, Suricata 6.0.16, among others.

A brand-new feature has also been incorporated in this version. Specifically, myMPD 13.0.6, a bootstrap-based WebGUI for controlling MPD (Music Player Daemon). As expected, all existing plugins have also been updated to a more recent version. Here, we are talking about Git 2.43.0, Tor, Postfix 3.8.4, Samba 4.19.3, htop 3.3.0, HAProxy 2.8.5, NFS 4.6.4, and a wide range of others.

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