Introducing GNOME 46.1: The Latest Desktop Environment with Explicit Sync Support 

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The GNOME Project unveiled GNOME 46.1, marking the first point release in the recent GNOME 46 “Kathmandu” desktop environment series, which introduces several enhancements and bug fixes.

A month after the launch of GNOME 46, GNOME 46.1 arrives, providing explicit GNU synchronization for NVIDIA hardware users on Wayland to ensure increased performance and resolve numerous graphical errors. This feature has been integrated into the Mutter window and composite manager.

Despite this, you will still need to watch for an upcoming NVIDIA proprietary graphics driver release that is compatible with explicit synchronization. Conversely, Mutter 46.1 further enhances support for hybrid graphics by resolving various acceleration issues with the secondary GPU relating to the NVIDIA graphics driver, and rectifies input lag on X11 with NVIDIA equipment.

In addition, the Mutter 46.1 version bolsters the Night Light feature for displays lacking EDID, improves support for certain Xwayland clients, corrects the initial suspended state, and addresses a variety of other bugs and crashes.

GNOME Shell has been updated as well in GNOME 46.1 to improve the notification of conflicting sessions, add a shift level to the Korean on-screen keyboard layout, fix markup support in notifications, address a couple of issues in the Extensions app, and also fix some smaller bugs.

GNOME’s Nautilus (Files) file manager has received bug fixes to allow users to create archives with the Enter key on the “Compress” dialog, move the focus correctly when an item is removed, and enhance the overall view performance.

In addition, Nautilus 46.1 prevents a crash when compressing a file and a folder, does not display banners in global search, maintains permissions when copying from read-only file systems, and disables non-working global search from the “Other Locations” view.

Alongside these, GNOME 46.1 updates the GNOME Maps app to rectify an issue with the current location marker not moving when updating the location. Similarly, the GNOME Text Editor app has also been updated to remove the DBusActicatable=true parameter from the .desktop file. This fixes an issue where the Text Editor could be initiated via D-Bus, and the session would not be restored at startup.

Orca 46.1 screen reader comes in this release, rectifying the issue related to flat review clicking failure in some GTK applications, a glitch in the SayAll during the page load, a collapse in the Pidgin IM, a delay immediately after loading the large document pages and the introduction of new radio button groups.

Importantly, Loupe image viewer is updated to the 46.2 version. This version fixes the phenomenon where the fill-space option was not applicable upon changing the orientation in Print Preview, an issue obstructing PNG images from getting displayed during SMB shares browsing, blurry fractional scaling, an issue blocking exposure times above 0.5 seconds from being displayed correctly in the Properties dialog and where the page orientation wasn’t considered for the actual print from the Print Preview dialog.

GNOME Control Center 46.1 carries updates for the Network panel by adding stable-ssid support for cloned-mac, the Privacy panel by fixing the glitch in opening the Help pages while viewing Privacy settings, the Sharing panel by auto-hiding it when Rygel and gnome-user-share are not installed and the Wacom panel by checking the correct output connector name.

In addition to this, the System panel enhances the capacity of passwords generated in Remote Desktop settings and removes the auto-timezone setting when location services are not present, the Display panel fixes a crash when the Esc key is hit in the display settings, and the Accessibility panel improves the accessibility of the “Typing” settings sliders.

Also updated in GNOME 46.1 is the GNOME Remote Desktop server to run on Big Endian and prevent a crash that occurs when there are no user sessions, as well as xdg-desktop-portal-gnome with various fixes to the ScreenCast portal dialog. For more details, check out the changelog on the release announcement page.

GNOME 46.1 will soon make its way into the stable software repositories of your favorite GNU/Linux distributions, especially if you’re using rolling-release distros like Arch Linux or openSUSE Tumbleweed, so make sure that you keep your installations up to date at all times if you use the latest GNOME 46 desktop environment series.

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