Factors to Consider When Buying a Colocated Server 

September 24, 2015
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Having an IT infrastructure that provides reliable and secure information management should be one of your organization’s top priorities. Many businesses have in-house data centers that facilitate the servers that run the company network.

Building, running and maintaining an on-premises data center can be cost intensive. This is why many small to medium sized businesses are looking for alternatives to traditional onsite data center infrastructure.

DSC_0518 | Deluxe company Colocation is a Cost Effective Solution for Data Center Migration

With colocated servers, your business sends their servers to be racked and patched into a robust network uplink, thus providing your workload a safe and secure environment. Did you know that colo prices are at an all time low? Placing your servers in an industry certified data center is the best way to minimize your IT staff’s overhead.

You should only trust your servers to a data center that possesses internationally recognized industry certifications. By doing so, you can ensure that your business meets all of its regulatory requirements while maximizing uptime and availability for your services.

Cost can be a determining factor in many IT departments. Switching to colocated servers can result in a financial savings for some organizations. While the initial purchase and setup can be costly in the short run, businesses win back that revenue over time by gaining operational savings.

DSC_0570 | Deluxe company Streamline Your IT Infrastructure By Purchasing Managed Services

A quality colocation center can help you save on the costs associated with power, cooling and data transfer. Colocated data centers will take care of day to day maintenance, which enables the in-house IT department to focus on the core needs of your business.

Your collocated data center can be contracted to take care of things such as backups, emergency generators, and disaster recovery. Using collocated servers will save on IT resources and manpower while providing advantages to your organization as a whole.

99.99% Uptime, Security & Customization of Services Consider this factor: When you build out your colocated data center, you’ll get to customize the server and surrounding infrastructure to your exact specifications.

Your business can purchase the servers and set them up according to organizations internal methodologies. When a business owns their own servers, they can easily upgrade memory, SAN storage and other critical infrastructure components by simply acquiring additional rack space.

A colocated data center can also provide services such as remote hands, which is a fancy term for data center employees that will make changes and adjustments to your servers according to your exact specifications.

Built-in security is one of the best reasons to use colocated infrastructure. Colocated data centers always feature secured environments that provide both physical and digital security perimeters.

Data centers for colocation can provide your organization with redundant power sources, in case of a widespread power outage or the interruption of a nearby public utility. Colocation data centers provide backup generators, which provide protection against unforeseen power events.

DSC_0509 | Deluxe company Your Organization Can Thrive While Using Colocated Data Centers

Finding collocation services for your workloads can be a challenging task. Colocated data centers provide strategic advantages for organizations that have satellite offices.

Since colocated data centers can provide your organization with a global presence, your businesses can provide apps and services near their end users without having to worry about issues such latency, redundancy, network availability or downtime. Contact ColoCrossing today if for your customized colocation quote.


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