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July 5, 2011

Hi Everyone,

It’s been a very busy June here at ColoCrossing, and we’re very excited to report on what’s been going on.

1. Bigger footprint: We’ve just completed a capital expansion project in Chicago, which will support our accelerating growth through the next 12 months. On top of our new Chicago build-out we’re in the final stages of doubling the size of our presence in San Jose California. Demand has been consistently strong for colocation and dedicated servers in both San Jose and Chicago, so we’re thrilled that we have ample capacity to keep pace. 

2. New Toys: Our engineering department has been thoroughly testing some of the recent access layer and distribution solutions released from Cisco, Juniper and Brocade. Thus far the tests have included the 4200EX series from Juniper, the 4900M and 3750X from Cisco and a number of Brocade devices. ColoCrossing has always made the investments necessary to ensure that our network infrastructure is built on the highest quality equipment available; so these tests are important as they help us decide what we’ll use for future deployments and upgrades. I suspect Alex, Jeremiah or Gary will chime in at a later date with a blog post regarding our impressions of each platform/device.

3. More NYC Capacity: Over the past few weeks we’ve been planning the phased migration of our remaining 1Gbit uplinks over to 10Gbit. Because our NYC network, like all other ColoCrossing locations, is fully redundant no customer impact is expected when the actual switch-overs occur this coming week. The added capacity will ensure that our NYC network is capable of absorbing massive swings in traffic levels without any performance degradation or increased latency. Similar upgrades have already taken place at our other facilities, so once NYC is complete this wave of enhancements will be finished company wide.

4. New Staff: We’ve recently added a number of new faces; including Frank Shafer, Chuck Andre and Jared Santos to name a few. Their roles are mixed, with Chuck and Jared joining our systems administration team and Frank wearing a few hats between development, project lead and technical supervisor.  Frank and Jeremiah Shinkle (one of our highly skilled operations managers) will be taking point on a new and very exciting upcoming cloud project. I can’t share much (ok, nothing) on that project right now, but you can bet that we’ll be talking about it a lot quite soon.  

Comments? Thoughts? Email me at jbiloh*at*colocrossing.com!

– Jon Biloh


Jon Biloh
Jon Biloh

As president I'm responsible for developing and executing our global strategy, generating new business opportunities, enhancing the customer experience and ensuring that ColoCrossing provides world class service!