Defending Your Network from a DDoS Attack 

March 9, 2018
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DDoS attacks, there is nothing more frustrating than dealing with them for a business and they can be just as dangerous. A DDoS attack, or a distributed denial of service, is an attempt to shut down an online service by overwhelming it with traffic from multiple sources. It not only can have a potentially negative impact to a business’ revenue, but also its customer reputation.

What is a DDoS Attack?

DDoS Attacks generally involve the control of up to, hundreds of thousands of computers, used by unsuspecting users all around the world. These “zombie computers” are then used to create a network by the attacker. That large network of computers are then used to focus traffic on a target or multiple targets. Those targets, which are designed not to handle simultaneous requests at a time, can be at risk of being completely unresponsive.

Types of Attacks

There are four main types of DDoS Attacks:

  • Amplification Attack
  • Resource Depletion Attack
  • Ransom or Diversion Attack
  • Volume based or Flood Attack

Larger, more sophisticated DDos attacks can be impossible to stop, although, there are strategies to alleviate their effects.

Below I will go over some strategies you can use to prevent significant damage from a DDoS attack.

Recognizing Signs of a DDoS Attack

The first, most important step and defense to preventing a DDoS attack is being able to recognize when one is occurring during its early stages. Activity can be in the form of large high volume attacks or in short duration, low volume attacks. This is done to stress test your network and find vulnerabilities in your security perimeters. Understanding your network traffic patterns, having DDoS attack protection solutions in place to identify bad traffic, and immediately removing small and large DDoS attacks will be your best defense.

Monitoring Traffic Levels

DDoS attacks usually cause huge traffic spikes, but there are times where this can be hidden through real traffic. Some ways attackers are able to disguise themselves is during times when services are busier than usual. Christmas and Black Fridays are examples of those major opportunities for these attackers. That is why it is important to watch out for any abnormal spikes and always be alert. Setting thresholds and the use of other tools will assist in weaning out bad traffic.

Response Planning

These plans should include technical competencies, as well as a plan in place to continue business operations under the stress of a DDoS attack. Be sure your team has an incident response program in place to establish and document methods of communication with the business.

Get in Touch with Your Internet Service Provider

An important, early stage objective for a business is finding out if your internet service provider offers DDoS protection plans. Most ISPs today offer DDoS protection plans to protect you from DDoS attacks, and that includes ColoCrossing. If your business is experiencing a DDoS attack, contact the professionals at ColoCrossing and we can provide the protection and DDoS mitigation you need in order to re-route your traffic.

Choose ColoCrossing for Critical DDoS Protection

DDoS attacks can occur at any moment and at times are impossible to stop, although it is important to have a plan in place and to always be vigilant of any abnormalities. At ColoCrossing, our goal is to protect our customers against malicious network traffic to assure your services are up and running at all times with the assistance of our DDoS mitigation services.

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