Should Your Business Choose Managed Hosting Services? 

February 8, 2017
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Many organizations elect to have a trusted partner manage their servers in a data center colocation facility. Businesses that trust their servers with ColoCrossing have the advantage of bundling their colocation package with managed hosting services.

Businesses that have managed hosting services benefit from having a team of trained technicians monitoring their servers around the clock. Managed hosting services are perfect for organizations that do not have an IT staff or a CIO.

The High Demand of Managed Services

Market research conducted by MarketsandMarkets says that managed services are on the rise. In 2016, worldwide spending for managed services eclipsed 145 billion dollars. In 2021, that figure will grow in excess of 242 billion. That’s a compound adjusted growth rate of 10.8%.

Even if your business has an IT staff in place, managed services can benefit your business because it provides your services with around the clock server monitoring.

You’re probably wondering: What advantages does managed hosting provide my business? Let’s examine how businesses can build a strategy for success by utilizing ColoCrossing’s managed hosting services.

Fully Managed Firewall

Firewalls are network security devices that sit between your servers and the public internet. Your firewall is the first line of defense against cyber attacks, unauthorized access attempts and malicious traffic.

When you task ColoCrossing with managing your network’s firewall, you’ll gain the expertise of trained professionals who can help keep your network safe from advanced threats.

ColoCrossing can assist in every facet of your firewall’s configuration. Firewalls can also be used to keep specific services on your network private by blocking external connections. In this scenario, only credentialed users can access the private resources on your internal network.

ColoCrossing uses Cisco’s award winning ASA firewalls to help secure your hosted network infrastructure. These devices create a log of every access attempt into your internal network. When you select ColoCrossing’s managed hosting services, our Network Operations Center (NOC) will closely monitor your firewall logs to keep your network safe from nefarious attacks.

Data Backups

How would your organization operate in a disaster recovery scenario? If your business doesn’t have data backups, rebuilding your infrastructure could prove to be a daunting task.

With ColoCrossing’s managed services, your business can rest assured that your data is backed up safely and securely. Using enterprise grade encryption and a custom built backup system that utilizes RAID 10, your organization can feel confident that it can recover from a loss of data.

ColoCrossing has implemented the best practices of data backups to ensure that your backup scheme is both resilient and compliant with industry standards. Our backup services can easily be integrated with most file backup solutions. This ensures that the data on your servers is accessible incase your infrastructure encounters data loss.

Proactive Uptime Monitoring and OS Hardening

When you select ColoCrossing as your infrastructure’s managed service provider, your business will gain the immediate benefit of having it’s servers outfitted with the latest OS hardening techniques.

ColoCrossing’s InfoSec professionals are trained at hardening the operating systems of Windows, Linux, Cisco IOS and other prominent data center devices. ColoCrossing also proactively monitors the uptime of your services, ensuring that they get prompt attention should a hardware or software failure occur.

If your business requires maximum uptime, you can trust ColoCrossing as your infrastructure partner. We offer an unparalleled 100% network uptime guarantee and a SLA that meets and exceeds the needs of your business.

With data centers in 8 cities across the United States, ColoCrossing is your premier choice for managed hosting and data center colocation.


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