AWS Outage: How to Protect Your Organization in the Future

As most people know, Amazon Web Services, commonly known as AWS, experienced a major outage this week.

This outage caused an unknown amount of websites and apps to break for roughly 11 hours on Tuesday, Feb 28th. 

If you’re reading this, you fully understand what 11 hours of downtime could (or has) cost your company. Possibly even worse is the feeling of complete and utter helplessness caused by this outage. AWS is a gigantic organization, and as such, can’t be expected to communicate one on one with every company they sell web hosting space to.

But what can you do to protect your organization from outages like this one in the future?

Having backups of all data is critical, but it’s likely that if AWS is your go-to for hosting your mission-critical data, you don’t have the equipment on-site to do this. In this case, it’s a good idea to hire a managed services partner.

Among many other things, a partner like ColoCrossing will be able to protect you from such outages by replicating your site on a regular basis so that you can quickly deploy a backup on a server that’s not affected by the outage.

The fact is that outages come in all shapes and sizes. Having a clear and easily deployable Disaster Recovery Plan is essential for any business that relies on off site data storage.

If you’re ready to learn more about how ColoCrossing can help you avoid outages, you can request more information here.


Matt Zelasko
Matt Zelasko

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