Why Am I Getting Spam?

February 2, 2018
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Why Spam Happens and What to Do About It

Spam. We all get it, too much of it, and don’t know how to stop it from clogging our inboxes. Once you report it, there is no telling when to expect it to stop. What most people do not understand is, spam is a time consuming and frustrating task for Internet Service Providers (ISP) to track and block. Spam is something that ColoCrossing does not take lightly, so let us tell you a little more about it and why it happens.

Spam can be defined as disruptive online messages sent simultaneously in email form to multiple accounts at a time. Spammers use various techniques to avoid anti-spam filters. The biggest issue around stopping spam is actually tracking down and identifying the spammer. The process to track down who and where the abuse is coming from can take anywhere from 48 to 72 hours alone.

There are some spam filters in place that can blacklist suspicious emails. To define blacklists, they identify spammers by the IP address or domain they send email from. But if we have this process in place, then why does spam exist and why am I getting it still? The problem with blacklisting is that it can block an IP address from a legitimate sender with information you want that a spammer is using or has used in the past. Blocking these IPs can be a much more detrimental situation. Once you’ve spent time attempting to block one IP address a spammer has contaminated, they have already moved on to another address under another name for a different ISP. Thus, the hair-pulling game of cat and mouse continues on.

If You Are Experiencing Abuse, Let Us Know!

Although spam does seem to be this unstoppable force that will continue to flood inboxes until the end of time, communication and the right steps taken, it can be contained. ColoCrossing takes spamming very serious and will take proper action if you experience it.

If you are someone who is suffering from spam issues, please contact us at abuse@colocrossing.com and our abuse department will resolve the issue as quickly as possible.


Daniel Spritzer
Daniel Spritzer

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