Managed Service Providers Benefit From Colocated Infrastructure 

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datacenter_floor | Deluxe company Managed service providers (MSPs) often utilize the services of colocated data centers to facilitate the rollout of their apps and services.

By handing off all of the critical infrastructure tasks to a team of seasoned professionals, an MSP can focus on converting leads rather than sinking significant amounts of capital into an on-site datacenter.

When your organization begins providing custom tailored solutions to businesses all around the world, you can use the infrastructure that you’ve deployed in your rack to help meet the specific needs of your clients. Whether its virtual or bare metal servers, colocation hosting helps managed service providers gain the most flexibility from their investments in technology.

Flexibility: The Key for MSPs Who Want to Gain Value

IMG_2344-X3 | Deluxe company Getting the most out of your investments in technology will play a huge role in the overall success of your endeavor as a Managed Service Provider. MSPs often specialize in a specific discipline; Some MSPs are focused on disaster recovery, while others focus on app hosting, file storage, VoIP and more.

Given this broad spectrum of potential needs, MSPs should seek out a versatile colocation partner that provides a presence anywhere in North America. Additionally, your provider should have industry recognized certifications that ensures both data privacy and industry compliance. When MSPs utilize a colocated datacenter space, they can gain tremendous value by permanently housing all of their servers, appliances and network gear within an enterprise grade datacenter ecosystem.

MSPs Should Establish a Relationship with Colocation Hosting Providers

Datacentervscolocation | Deluxe company In many instances, an MSP will establish relationships with different colocation providers located all throughout the world. Managed Service Providers must be able to provide unique solutions for their clients. The relationship that your business develops with a colocation provider can dictate the level of service that you can provide to your end users.

When datacenters are able to rapidly provision services, MSPs are able to provide solutions for their customers that meet or exceed their needs. Many MSPs only use colocation hosting to offer services to their customers. The reliability of colocated infrastructure tips the scale in favor of server colocation while providers such as ColoCrossing are able to guarantee 100% network availability.

Don’t Risk Your MSP’s Reputation to IaaS

amazon-outage | Deluxe company Managed service providers can gain measurable value by gaining access to low and predictable monthly pricing offered by a colocation provider. When compared to cloud, your organizations monthly bill could heavily fluctuate, which could become more of a hindrance than a help in terms of monthly expenses related to running a managed services business.

IaaS also contains inherent risks. For example, how do you explain random cloud data center outages that have impacted services such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform over the past several years?

When your business hosts its servers within a colocated data center, your MSP business can feel confident about the safety and security of the data retained by your clients.


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