Important Factors When Choosing a Reliable Dedicated Server 

February 23, 2018
Dedicated Servers
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Why It Is Important to do Your Research

Dedicated servers are optimal for those who see large amounts of traffic and utilize specialized applications. Whether you are running an email server or a website, it is imperative that you have a quality server powering it. You have now been tasked with finding the best possible dedicated server that has the capabilities to handle those daily tasks. Before you can determine which provider or the type of server to go with, you must first determine what your specifications and requirements are.

As I went over with colocation, I will go over key factors and features that you should assess before making decision on a provider and server.

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So you just had a “hazzah!” moment because you think you have found the perfect server and provider based on price and support, but you forgot one very important aspect; the technology behind the server. From processing power and RAM to bandwidth and storage, these are key components to running a website and other large tasks. Let’s go over some specifications you will need to look in to before deciding on a dedicated server.

CPU – First, let’s take a look at the processor, which is the power behind the server. Deciding on a processor will be based on the type of functions and applications you will use on a daily basis. For more basic functions, an Intel ATOM 2758 processor might be the right option for you, but if you require the use of more specialized applications, you’ll want to upgrade to an Intel Xeon E3-1240 or 2 x Intel Xeon E5-2620.

Bandwidth – Deciding on bandwidth is based on the amount of traffic you receive and the type of files you run. If you experience a hefty amount of traffic on a daily basis or run larger files, you’ll want to look in to upgrading your bandwidth from the standard 10 TB.

RAM – RAM, or memory is a key determining factor for efficiency and load times to your server. If you maintain a large amount of traffic or utilize multiple applications at a time, you’ll want to increase your gigabyte amount.

Storage – When choosing a hard drive, you must determine how much storage you will actually need to maintain the server’s capacity. “Do I store a large amount of files?” “What kind of applications and functions will I be utilizing on a daily basis?” These are questions you will want to ask yourself before determining how much storage you’ll actually needFrom there, you have the option of choosing between a standard hard drive, or a SSD (solid-state drive). The difference between the two are quite significant; an SSD is not only a more efficient drive with no moving parts, but is also much faster and durable than a standard hard drive. Speed is the name of the game when utilizing a server.

Depending on what your exact needs are, ColoCrossing offers customization options for all are three of our dedicated server packages. Simply, click the “customize” tab under each of our options to make any specific change to RAM, storage, bandwidth, or any other needs!

DDoS Protection

DDoS Mitigation should be a standard when searching for any dedicated server or provider. DDoS attacks are extremely common on the web and can occur at any instant. Without protection, an attack can leave your business in complete disarray. DDoS attacks cause serious damage that are way beyond the loss of revenue if measures aren’t taken immediately. You cannot expect patience from current customers when these servers experience issues from attacks. Loss of revenue, downtime and diminished reputation can set a business back significantly. This is why it is imperative to have a provider that has DDoS protection in place. At ColoCrossing, you’ll have peace of mind knowing we have multiple options protecting you from any DDoS attack!

24/7/365 Support

It could be the middle of the day on a Wednesday or an early Sunday morning, you never know when any issue will occur to a dedicated server. When searching for a quality provider, 24/7/365 support should be standard for any service. Whether it is a general question or a specific issue, these are easily resolved with support always on call. At ColoCrossing, our data center techs our on call 24/7/365, rain or shine, which means less downtime!

Data Centers with Multiple, Premium Locations

Depending on where your dedicated server is located, performance can be impacted. When looking for a quality dedicated server provider with multiple location options, you’ll also want to look in to where exactly it is and what options are included. What separates premium providers from the rest are options including, multi-homing, routing optimization for markets outside the United States and protection against cyber-attacks. With data centers in 8 major markets including New York CityDallasAtlantaChicagoSeattleLos AngelesSan Jose, and Buffalo, you gain access to a dedicated server with the optimal performance, features and protection you need!

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Choose ColoCrossing for Dedicated Server Hosting!

Choosing a dedicated server provider is not a simple task, you need to research before making a decision. At ColoCrossing, we offer enterprise class dedicated servers in 8 major markets, including New York CityDallasAtlantaChicagoSeattleLos AngelesSan Jose, and BuffaloWe offer the hardware and customization options that can best fit your specifications.

To Get More Info about our capabilities and customization options, visit our dedicated servers page at or email us at!


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