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Over the past few months ColoCrossing has been hard at work improving our data center space in Buffalo. Since the August, 2019 multiple crews of dedicated professionals and specialists have upgraded a variety of power and cooling elements to provide further redundancy and reliability for our clients.

Below are a details on the specific enhancements.

The addition of ups plant, ups #7, which provides 80 KVA of inherently redundant N+1 critical load capacity to supply additional power redundancies and enable further customer growth.

With the completion of this power expansion project the facility now offers 7 different on-floor power paths providing customers with numerous redundancy options. Our power platform on the datacenter floor now consists of five APC PX80 units and two Schnieder Electric Galaxy VM 225 KVA units. Our total deployable critical load capacity rises to 805 KW — that’s 805,000 watts, or more than the usual monthly kWh (killowatt hour) consumption of 100 average homes.

An extra 20 tons of cooling capacity provided by two best-of-breed Liebert CRV in row direct expansion air conditioning units. The Liebert models were selected for their high efficiency, variable speed fans, dynamic scroll compressors and durability; all features which translate into reliability and performance for our facility and for our customers. The variable speed fans and dynamic, responsive compressor models means the Liebert CRV models are 35% more efficient than older generation room-perimeter units.

After the recent enhancement project the facility wide cooling capacity is now N+2.25, which is substantially higher than our SLA guarantees and industry averages — meaning we can absorb more concurrent failures of our air conditioning plant without customer impact. With the completion of this latest air conditioning expansion project the facility now offers a total cooling capacity of over 200 tons (a ton is a unit of cooling capacity equal to 12,000 btu). A typical home air conditioning system is generally 3 tons.

The project took four months to complete and involved electrical engineering, mechanical engineers, electrical construction teams, mechanical construction teams, representatives from the manufacturer of the air conditioning systems and UPS units along with our own internal assets.

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