ColoCrossing Colocation Services – An Overview 

February 16, 2018
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What is Colocation?

So your business needs an IT infrastructure but doesn’t have the capacity or the budget to build a secure facility that provides power and air conditioning for servers. Before you start scrambling to find more space and the budget, let me tell you about colocation services and how ColoCrossing can save you the stress and expense of having to maintain your own servers!

First, let’s define what colocation is, which is the location of customer equipment in a third-party data center, like ColoCrossing! We are internet service providers that furnish the floor space you need with electrical power and high-speed links to the internet for customer’s web servers. That means no need for your own facilities, we have you covered!

What ColoCrossing Colocation Services Offer

ColoCrossing’s colocation services has the amenities to assure that you have greater uptime than you would if you hosted servers in-house. We use world class networks that come with a 100% uptime service level agreement. Included when you enlist in ColoCrossing’s colocation services are:

  • Skilled Remote Hands
  • 24/7/365 Support by our technicians
  • Extensive spare parts on-site to assure your equipment will never go offline

ColoCrossing Offers a Variety of Colocation Options!

So, now you know the basics of colocation and you are very much intrigued, But, how do you know you what you need and how much is going to cost? ColoCrossing offers colocation services depending on the size and power that you need:

Below, we will explain in greater detail of the specifications for each colocation service.

Single Server Colocation

So, you are a new, small business looking to get your feet wet and need server space that doesn’t break the bank. Single sever colocation from ColoCrossing provides the storage you need to hold important information without having to pay for an entire server rack! Our singe server colocation includes the following standard configuration:

  • 1U rack space
  • 1 Amp 120V power
  • 10 Mbgps transfer
  • Default 1 Gbps Port, up to 10 Gbps Port Network Uplink
  • /29 IPV4 Space
  • Available further customization

Half Cabinet Colocation

Our half cabinet colocation spares you the need to purchase an entire cabinet, but still provides the hosting capability your business demands to store secure files and other information. Our half cabinet colocation standard configuration includes:

  • 20U rack space
  • 1.92 kW of 20A 120V Power
  • 30 Mbgps transfer
  • Default 1 Gbps Port, up to 10 Gbps Port Network Uplink
  • /26, 64 Usable IPs IPV4 Space
  • Available further customization

Full Cabinet Colocation

Our full cabinet colocation provides you the space a data center offers without the expenses of building your own! When you choose a full cabinet from ColoCrossing, you get an entire rack dedicated to your business! Our standard configuration for full cabinet colocation includes:

  • 42U rack space
  • 3.84 kw of 20A 120V Power
  • 40 Mbgps transfer
  • Default 1 Gbps Port, up to 10 Gbps Port Network Uplink
  • /24, 256 Usable IPs IPV4 Space
  • Available further customization

Colocation Cage Space

Can your business not produce the ROI from an in-house server or do you just don’t have the space to hold an entire infrastructure? ColoCrossing has you covered with our world class colocation cage space! Our cage space standard configuration includes:

  • 2 x 42U rack space
  • 7.68 kw of 80A 120V Power
  • 100 Mbgps transfer
  • Default 1 Gbps Port, up to 10 Gbps Port Network Uplink
  • /24, 256 Usable IPs IPV4 Space
  • Available further customization

Contact ColoCrossing for All Your Colocation Needs!

ColoCrossing is dedicated to providing 100% uptime colocation services of any specification a business seeks. Whether you need a single server or cage space, there is no order that is too big or too small for us to handle. One of our dedicated sales specialists will be more than happy to discuss your needs and what colocation service works best for you and your business. ColoCrossing has data centers in 8 major markets, including New York City, Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Jose, and Buffalo. To Get More Info about our various colocation services or find out what ColoCrossing brings to the table, reach out to us at or visit our website at


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