Anticipated Release of Ubuntu 24.10 “Oracular Oriole” on October 10th, 2024 

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Canonical’s upcoming major release, Ubuntu 24.10, has been named “Oracular Oriole”. The release schedule and date have been confirmed for October 10th, 2024.

The 41st Ubuntu release from Canonical, Ubuntu 24.10 “Oracular Oriole”, is an interim version with support for software and security updates only up until July 2025. It is projected to appeal to die-hard Ubuntu users who are ready to exchange the stability of Ubuntu LTS for cutting-edge technologies.

Although there is no official declaration from Canonical at the moment, it appears that the development cycle for Oracular Oriole, which lasted six months, began on April 25th, 2024, coinciding with the release of Ubuntu 24.04 LTS (Noble Numbat).

A release schedule is now available online. Developer Jeremy Bícha proposed this schedule in a mailing list conversation, hinting at September 19th as the beta release date and October 10th as the official release date.

Other intriguing points in the Oracular Oriole release timeline are a pair of Ubuntu Testing Weeks slated for June 27th and August 22nd, followed by the Feature Freeze phase on August 15th, the Kernel Freeze phase on September 26th, and finally, the Final Freeze stage and Release Candidate announcement occurring on October 3rd.

Ubuntu 24.10 plans to feature the upcoming GNOME 47 desktop environment, predicted to launch in late September 2024, and will likely be driven by the imminent Linux 6.10 kernel series, anticipated to debut in either mid or late July 2024.

A few other notable elements set to feature in Ubuntu 24.10 include Wayland as the default for NVIDIA GPUs, enhanced messaging for Snap application updates, amplified App Center refinement and support for installing third-party DEB files, alongside an OEM configuration option for the Ubuntu installer for Hyper-V images and Raspberry Pi.

On the flavor side of things, Lubuntu 24.10 will ship with the LXQt 2.x series desktop environment by default (hopefully with LXQt 2.1 as it will bring full Wayland support), and Kubutnu 24.10 is expected to ship with the latest KDE Plasma 6 desktop environment series by default.

Until then, we’re waiting for the daily build ISOs to appear on the official servers to take the upcoming Ubuntu 24.10 “Oracular Oriole” release for a spin. We’re also waiting for Canonical to announce some of the core components that will be included in the upcoming Ubuntu release.


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