8 Benefits of Using a Dedicated Hosting Server for Your Company Website 

April 8, 2019
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Your website is more than just a tool you can use to generate interest for your company and connect with your customers. It’s more like a digital storefront, where people can go to view your products and do business with you. Through your website, people can work with you to make sure their needs are met.

At least, people can do that as long as your website is online. Without a dedicated hosting service, you run the risk of your digital storefront spontaneously closing. If you’re sharing a server with someone else through your web host, your website can run into a variety of issues.

And when people can’t use your website, worse things happen than just losing business. Your brand is damaged, since people may suspect you don’t care enough about your business to keep your website. You lose business to your competition without a dedicated hosting service.

Keep reading below to eight more reasons why a dedicated web server will help you.

1. Your Resources Are Your Own

Most hosting plans put multiple websites on the same servers. When a single server handles many websites at once, the hosting service saves money. Yet, it also runs the risk of multiple websites going offline if a single server fails, and makes it impossible to manage how many resources your website gets.

With a dedicated hosting service, all of a server’s resources are your own. You won’t need to share CPU power with another random website, or risk running out of storage if another website gets an influx of users. Dedicated hosting puts you in full control of how people connect with you. 

2. Any Dedicated Hosting Service Will Be Dedicated

If you try to host your website yourself, it may seem like you’ll reduce costs and have complete control over your website. Yet, there’s one thing that can cost you more than any amount of money you may save: server issues. You may need to develop in a web development team to bring your website back online if you run into problems, and they’re costly.

Yet, when you choose a hosting service, you benefit from the service maintaining its own servers. If there’s an issue with your website, you don’t need to stress about it. All you need to do is contact your service, and they will work to bring your website back online.

3. Customize It For What You Need

As a business leader, you strive to control the way you’re seen in your industry. You want to leave the right mark with people, and to do that, you need to customize your hosting settings.

Sometimes, you may need to add or reduce storage, depending on how many users you have. You may also need more computational power for future projects on your website. When you choose a dedicated hosting service, you can customize all of that. Your server is yours, so you can do whatever you want with it.

4. Make Your IP Address Home

Without a dedicated web hosting service, your server’s IP address may change more frequently than you realize. That’s because hosting companies often shift the servers websites are associated with to make room for new clients. Over time, you may go through a deluge of IP address, which can complicate future web maintenance.

With a dedicated server, you’ll only ever have a single IP address. You won’t need to shift between servers as most other websites do. It can help prevent connectivity issues with your users, and it’ll make you seem more professional with anyone keeping track of it.

5. Scale Up When You Need It

Your business will grow — there’s no avoiding it. The more work you put into something, the bigger it’ll get. While that may be exciting, it can also mean serious website issues down the road. What happens when you run out of storage and you can’t upgrade it?

With a dedicated server, you can plan for the future by making it scalable. You can add resources to it as you grow, meaning you’ll be able to keep pace with your own growth. It won’t stop just because you run out of hard drive space.

6. Security With What Matters

Without a dedicated hosting service, it’s up to you to run your own security. And with cybercrime on the rise, you can expect to invest heavily into securing your website. If you host your website yourself, without the support of a hosting service, you’ll need to protect your own servers.

Hackers know how to break into almost any kind of self-run server. Their hacking techniques are constantly evolving, and it takes whole companies to keep pace with new firewall and encryption tech. Dedicated hosting services hire these companies to keep their own servers, and the websites on them, safe.

With a dedicated hosting service, you can be assured that you’ll be protected from hackers. The web host wants to protect its servers, and by extension — you.

7. Save Money While Earning More

At first glance, it may seem cheaper to simply buy a server and host your website yourself. Yet, that doesn’t include the cost of managing it. You’ll need a whole team to keep your website up and address issues as they arise. And that team will cost money.

Over time, you’ll spend more than you ever would going with a dedicated hosting service. Hosting companies bundle all expenses into one clear cost, which you can then use to predict how much you’ll spend. It’s bound to be less than trying to host it yourself.

8. The Benefits Of Infrastructure

Most popular web hosting services depend on warehouses of servers to keep websites online. And those warehouses are protected from more than just trespassers. They have backup generators and state-of-the-art security systems.

So, if something knocks the power out for you or your users, you’ll website will stay online. You can be there for them when they lose power. And that will mean more to your users than any new release or business move.

Getting A Dedicated Hosting Service Is An Investment

When you go with a dedicated hosting service, you’re investing in yourself. You’re committing to keeping your website online when people need it. And by using a dedicated hosting service, you also offload the effort your website requires. That means you’ll have more time to focus on what really matters: your company.

If you’re ready to invest in yourself, just contact us here. We will never stop working to keep your website online, and you’ll see the benefits immediately. 


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