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Fully Managed Hosting

Let us worry about the technology

Each and every management package includes 24/7 priority support, available by phone and support ticket. Our team of expert technicians will be a part of your initial deployment, ensuring our familiarity with your environment; so when time is of the essence, none is wasted figuring out how your setup works. So what do we bring to the table? Quite a bit, but most commonly:

Managed Hosting Features
Dedicated Firewall Using top of the line Cisco ASA (Adaptive Security Appliance) devices, each system behind this firewall will be protected by the rules you work with our team to configure. Want to restrict traffic to one IP? Looking to filter all traffic incoming to a single port? How about ensuring your gear can't get infected by the latest worm? Consider it done.
Data Backup Our data backup hardware is built in-house and from the ground up using the highest quality components. We utilize industry standard best practices, including RAID 10 for the most secure data protection and read / write performance.
Pro-active Uptime Monitoring We'll monitor your devices from multiple locations and ensure they're online. We can monitor servers, switches, and even firewalls. If it's on the network, we can make sure it stays that way. We also offer Pro-active Service Monitoring, which is even more specific than simple uptime monitoring. If you've got a critical network service we can make sure it stays online. Should an application fail, one of our certified technicians will be quick to act, following a pre-determined mitigation strategy to restore normal operations.
Initial Configuration Setup Deployment/migrations can be a long, stressful and complicated process. With ColoCrossing, we take the pressure off your shoulders. After you discuss your needs with our sales and deployment team, our engineers will get to work configuring your environment how you need it. Whether it be Microsoft, Linux or BSD based, we've got the people to get the job done effectively.

Managed Solutions Datasheet - Learn more about the fully managed service available on any service type (dedicated and colocated) on a per device basis.


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"I've worked with other datacenters before ColoCrossing and I can say without hestitation that my experience at ColoCrossing has been exceptional. The staff is professional and prompt at all hours and the network performance is second to none. They've been easy to work with and accommodating in all respects; making it easy to grow and adapt to changing needs...
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