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ColoCrossing is committed to providing above-industry controls and safeguards when providing colocation, dedicated server hosting, and network services to customers. To ensure these highest of standards, we’ve successfully completed SSAE-18 audits through an independent accounting and auditing firm. This audit helps clients seeking services understand the conditions of operational controls and business processes set in place to help keep their colocation services and dedicated servers housed in a safe and controlled environment.

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What Is SSAE-18

As a revision of SSAE-16, the Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements No. 18 (SSAE-18) establishes the standards for how ColoCrossing handles, operates, and controls data related to customers and financial reporting. Through these standards we provide the ability for customers to gain insight into the controls we have in place which maintain a controlled environment for colocation and dedicated server hosting services. There are various frameworks under SSAE-18 called Service Organization Controls (SOC)s. ColoCrossing has undergone SOC 1 assessments and can provide the resulting compliance reports to clients upon request.


Download The SSAE-18 Report

The Benefits of SSAE-18 Compliance


Compliance ensures the accuracy of ColoCrossing's description and implementation of their services. It lets you know that the controls and processes we have set in place are diligent and documented.


Security is audited to insure our data centers, systems, and services are protected against unauthorized access, use, or unattended modification. We provide personalized tours for any one of our perspective customers to help give them a full understanding of our IT solutions.


Availability for our network, power, and colocation systems is reviewed to match the service level agreements we provide for colocation & dedicated server hosting.

Processing Integrity

Processing Integrity means ColoCrossing conducts, completes and validates the accuracy of our system processes.


Confidentiality translates into how ColoCrossing handles sensitive information throughout the company including our portal, employee access, and records related to colocation and dedicated server hosting.


Privacy controls are audited in relation to any information used, collected, retained, disclosed, or disposed of in a way that protects and secures customer-related privacy.

Why does SSAE-18
Compliance matter?

The new SSAE-18 guidelines require service providers to evaluate the effectiveness of controls put in place at the organization level.

This audit and evaluation includes:

• communication between organizations to discuss controls and operations

• audit & review of organization's SOC report

• colocation facility visits from auditors to evaluate controls ongoing review of reports to ensure completeness and accuracy

• validation from a certified, third-party auditor certified with expertise in SSAE 18

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SSAE-18 Compliance
for Colocation

SSAE-18 for ColoCrossing colocation provides you with the confidence that both our systems and your housed hardware & software have safeguards in place to protect the integrity, privacy, and confidentiality of the data stored on this equipment. Diligence starts with SSAE-18 and the ColoCrossing team has worked with an independent auditor to inspect, evaluate, and report on every aspect of our facilities, controls, and organizational integrity.
SSAE-18 data center compliance standards ensure that ColoCrossing take responsibility not just for our facility, but we also hold our vendors to the same high standards of accountability. When assessing a colocation data center like ColoCrossing, you should begin evaluation by verifying that the facility is SSAE-18 compliant. Given the high value of data, organizations cannot afford to take chances with subpar data centers unable to provide assurances that the best possible controls have been put in place to protect their customers’ most precious assets.

Download The SSAE-18 Report

SSAE-18 Compliance
for Dedicated Servers

SSAE-18 Compliance for Dedicated Servers Dedicated servers are leased hardware provided by ColoCrossing. Instead of sending us owned hardware, ColoCrossing provides you with the servers need to operate your organizational databases, websites, and customized applications. SSAE-18 compliance standards are an important aspect to this type of hosting and ColoCrossing provides you with the highest level of security and privacy when it comes to dedicated server hosting.
What this means to you is that each level of access to our data center and the racks that house your dedicated servers are carefully evaluated, audited, and secured to provide controls and safeguards in relation to access, data integrity, and privacy of your dedicated server. Performed by a 3rd party SSAE-18 compliance auditor, the ColoCross SSAE-18 certification provides you the assurance that your dedicated servers are housed in a facility that maintains the highest standards of compliance.

Download The SSAE-18 Report

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