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Disaster Recovery & Redundancy

Server Issues? We've got your back.

Disaster Recovery Disaster Recovery Disaster Recovery

It happens to the unprepared every single day; another hard-drive fails and is rendered a paperweight, leaving the business that depended on it scrambling for a replacement. In the meantime, IT personnel are searching for the latest snapshot of the critical data from the system. Are the backups up to date? Do any backups exist at all? Don't be another statistic, have a disaster recovery plan in place before the unthinkable happens. ColoCrossing's team is happy to create and then implement a customized solution that matches your needs.

High availability services are crucial in today's business environment. To maintain the operation of mission-critical services, many customers choose to utilize mirrored configurations in multiple, independent, geographically diverse locations. ColoCrossing allows you to do this with a single point of contact, a single support team, and a single guarantee.

By taking advantage of ColoCrossing's nation-wide datacenter facilities, you can ensure high availability services stay running in the rare event of natural disasters, fiber cuts, failed hardware and other forms of human error. Don't risk your critical data, back it up to a remote site for instant restoration in the event of failure. Sleep soundly at night knowing that no single problem in one city will put your business in jeopardy. You've worked hard to get where you are, protect it.

Speak with a ColoCrossing representative today to find out how a disaster recovery plan can guarantee continued operations for your business 24/7/365.

Disaster Recovery - How to prepare your IT infrastructure from disaster with proper planning and the right partner.


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"I've worked with other datacenters before ColoCrossing and I can say without hestitation that my experience at ColoCrossing has been exceptional. The staff is professional and prompt at all hours and the network performance is second to none. They've been easy to work with and accommodating in all respects; making it easy to grow and adapt to changing needs...
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